Animals may not be able to vote, but you can help give them a voice in this election. Here are some of the best ways to help elect animal-friendly candidates, and help raise the profile of animal protection issues during the campaign.

Talk to your candidate

Find out who the candidates in your riding are, and get in touch with them to ask their positions on animal protection issues. Email, phone, or visit their office in person if it’s safe to do so! Some questions to ask are: 

  • Which legislation have you or your party introduced or supported that promoted animal welfare?
  • If elected, would you join the All-Party Animal Welfare Caucus? 
  • Canada is one of the few western countries without a federal Animal Protection Act. Would you support this legislation?
  • There is no federal legislation that addresses the welfare of animals on farms. Does your party have policies in its platform that would improve farmed animal welfare?
  • The COVID-19 pandemic likely originated in wild animals, and jumped the species barrier to humans. Would your party crack down on the exploitative and abusive wildlife trade to protect animals and help prevent future pandemics?
  • A recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report again highlighted the link between animal agriculture and greenhouse gas emissions. Would you support ending subsidies to animal agriculture to tackle climate change, and investing in climate-friendly plant-based food production?
  • Fur farming is not only cruel to animals, but puts public health at risk with the emergency of COVID-19 on three fur farms in Canada. Would you support a national ban on farming minks and other animals for their fur?
  • There is no national ban on cruel cosmetic mutilations of companion animals, like cat declawing, docking dogs’ tails, and cropping dogs’ ears. Would you support legislation to outlaw these practices?
  • Would you support a ban on animal testing for cosmetics and the sale of cosmetics tested on animals? 
  • There is no federal legislation that regulates the use of animals in experiments. Would you support national legislation to protect animals in labs?
  • Would you support government funding for research into animal-free alternatives to animal testing?
  • Are you opposed to so-called “ag gag” laws that make it illegal to obtain hidden-camera footage of animal abuse that happens behind closed doors?
  • Most Canadians oppose keeping animals in captivity at zoos and aquariums. Would you support national legislation to protect animals from suffering in captivity?
  • Canada still allows horses to be exported abroad for slaughter. Would you support ending live horse exports?

Volunteer for a campaign

If you know a candidate is a strong ally for animals, volunteer for their campaign! Volunteers are a critical part of political campaigns and your support will go a long way. Volunteering doesn’t have to be daunting. It can be as simple as dropping flyers in mailboxes, delivering lawn signs, or making phone calls on behalf of a campaign. If you do volunteer, make sure you tell the candidate and their campaign that you’re there because they are a champion for animals.

Donate to a campaign

Make a donation to the campaign of an animal-friendly candidate. You can donate to any campaign across the country, and your donation is eligible for a significant tax credit. For donations up to $400, you can get 75% back at tax time. Again, if you do donate, make sure you tell the candidate and their campaign that they have your support because of their animal protection policies.

If you’re in or near the riding of one of the candidates we endorse, volunteer, donate to, and vote for them and ask your friends and family to do the same. 

Attend local events

Attend events where candidates will be present, like debates and town hall meetings, and ask questions about their positions on animal issues. If you attend an in-person debate, take a friend and ask them to film you, and share the footage with us! Every question that we can share on social media will inspire others to do the same and let candidates and parties know that animal protection issues are important to Canadians. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I sign the pledge?

Click here to sign our Animal Protection Pledge! If you’re a candidate and you’d like to sign our pledge and be featured on our website, please contact Sarah Janson at

How can I promote Voters for Animals and show others that I’ve signed the pledge?

Do you have lawn signs available for order?

Click here to download our lawn sign graphic and then have it printed from Vistaprint! Visit Vistaprint to place your order – simply choose your preferred size, add a stand (or grommets if you plan to hang the sign), upload the graphic and place your order. Contact Sarah Janson if you have any questions about ordering a sign at

Where do the federal parties stand on animal protection?

We sent a survey to all major parties in August 2021. Check back soon for the federal parties’ positions on the most pressing animal protection issues.

You may also wish to check out the Animal Protection Party, a party focused primarily on these issues.