Congratulations to the 24 Animal-Friendly Candidates Re-Elected to Parliament!

Voters for Animals is thrilled that so many animal champions will be able to continue their important work to fix Canada's broken animal protection laws. Congratulations to all those elected — we look forward to working with you!

A cute puppy smiling at the camera.

3 Ways To Make a Difference

Why Vote For Animals?

Since 2015, Voters for Animals (formerly known as Humane Voters Canada) has raised the profile of animal issues in elections, and helped elect animal-friendly legislators. Voters for Animals is a project of Animal Justice — Canada's only national animal law advocacy organization.

What we do:

  • Endorse animal-friendly candidates, and mobilize to help them get elected;
  • Offer all candidates the chance to sign our Animal Protection Pledge;
  • Survey the major national parties on their support for animal protection laws and policies.

Mobilizing voters who care about animals is a powerful way to amplify animals’ voices in the political arena. Animal protection has been sidelined throughout Canada’s history, but the last few years have shown that when we speak up in large numbers, real change is possible. In 2015, we endorsed and supported the first-ever crop of animal-friendly federal election candidates. Electing more animal-friendly MPs led to some of the first serious new animal protection laws in Canada in over 100 years, including:

  • A ban on whale and dolphin captivity
  • A ban on the trade in cruel shark fins
  • Making all forms of bestiality illegal
  • Closing loopholes in laws preventing animal fighting

In the 2021 federal election, we’ll make sure animal protection is again part of the conversation.

Close up photo of three cows eating. Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur from We Animals Media.